Easy Hairstyles to Combat Humidity All Summer Long

By Salma Khattab

“Yay, summer is here!” This sentence is both a very happy and very bad one for girls. Imagine listening to the inner thoughts of a girl. Just imagine, what would she think when she hears this sentence? I dare you! There will be a very happy side that says “finallyyyy, summer!” But, suddenly an alert in her mind will loudly say “remember the humidity in the air with its side effects, especially to your hair?”

But girl, here are some hairstyle ideas for your gorgeous hair to protect it from humidity:

Loose bun

Trust me, this will be your favourite style in summery days. You can wear it everywhere. It suits every occasion.

Braid in ponytail

As a way to escape from humidity, tighten your hair in this way. It’s very cool and pretty as well.

Knotted braid

This is how your hair is entirely braided, so the cruel summer and its humidity won’t reach your hair.

Slicked-back hair bun

Gel your head by yourself before the humidity gels it for you. You can get this look by putting gel on your hair and it seriously won’t go anywhere.

Half braid

What about a cute elegant hairstyle? You can wear this everywhere you go, especially on summery dresses and selected heels.

Wet braided ponytail

Dry on dry is so bad. If its too dry, why not to try the wet look! Just wet your hair up, braid a little, then let it hang free in a tail.


Lastly, the cutest of all, this hairstyle never fails to fight and kill the threats of the air’s humidity. You can see how girly and cutie this looks.

WE SAID THIS: kill the humidity with your beauty!