Dubai to host 100% Environmentally Sustainable Rock Concert

Dubai is on board with concerts, this time sending a trend we can all learn from! Big news, Neutral Fuels is coming to Dubai, and it promises to have a net-zero carbon footprint. The rock event claims to be 100 percent environmentally harmless, to show how having fun doesn’t come at nature’s expense.

The event partnered with DGrade who will collect plastic from the concert, converting it to yarn for sustainable clothes and accessories. Also, One Tree Planted partnered with ‘Rock the World-Save the Planet’, in which, they will plant trees for the carbon released during the artist’s flights to Dubai. 

Via Arabianbusiness

Neutral Fuels has been a pioneer in sustainable projects, almost a decade ago, they started zero biofuel production in the Middle East, saving 12 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. Founder and CEO of Neutral Fuels, Karl W Feilder told Arabian Business, “Ordinarily, a rock concert with its massive sound, complex lighting and special effects, emits tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere using energy from the national grid,”

The Carbon-free concerts start November 15 onwards at Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium. The line up offers mixes of local and award-winning artists and bands including, Cueshé, Razorback, Rage Against The Machine, Sandstörm, Metallica and more. You can rock harder by knowing you’re saving the planet! Get your tickets from Virgin Mega Store or Platinum List

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