Dubai Summer Surprises 2020; What Has Changed This Year?

Dubai Summer Surprises is an annual season that everyone in Dubai waits for, from offers to activities to discounts, it the cherry on top of our summer vacations.

This year it’s on from July 9th to August 29th, but many aren’t even aware that it’s taking place. Despite the lifting of COVID-19 lockdown procedures in the city, many stores remain nearly empty.

As you walk by the shops in any mall, you can’t help but notice how every single one of them has signs of a 25% discount, if not more. Usually, as soon as you enter a shop, the salespeople working there attempt to help you with options or introduce you to discounts. But now, once you enter, you are swamped with additional offers that are not even written anywhere in the shop, just to encourage you to buy even one extra product with your purchase, or sometimes a gift that also isn’t advertised anywhere.

This is usually a time of packed parking lots, as people flood the malls in a hurry to grab the offers available before anyone else. Yet, despite the daily promotions and ads, several expats remain unimpressed and prefer to either stay at home, or spend on outings to meet friends, instead of clothes, shoes, and fashion that is now considered a luxury to many.

People in Dubai, and in almost every country right now, have been suffering salary cuts and job redundancies. Everyone is either trying to save the money they have, or spend it very wisely, only buying things they need, especially because of the uncertainty that the next few months may hold.

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