Dubai Marathon Season is Here and This is How You Can Successfully Check it Off Your Bucketlist!

With several marathons kicking off in Dubai in the next few weeks, and after the annual Dubai Fitness Challenge that was launched in 2017, we’re expecting plenty of runners to be joining.

The 21st Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2020, known as the most prestigious running event in the Middle East, is coming up on the 24th of January. The marathon begins at 6:30 am, the 10 km road race is at 9 am, and there’s another spot for the more “casual runners” starting at 11 am called the 4km “fun run”.

Here are a few tips to get you ready!

Get some rest

Make sure you get a proper good night’s sleep the day before so you won’t be sleep deprived and running on zero energy.

What to wear

A day before the race begins, make sure to prepare your running gear and choose comfy sneakers; never wear new shoes for a marathon!

A good day starts with a good breakfast

Since the marathon starts early morning, you can have a light breakfast, like banana and oatmeal, or yogurt with granola. But remember not to add any unfamiliar foods to your meal plan on the day of the race, you definitely wouldn’t want any stomach aches during the marathon.

Warm up

Do a little jogging and some stretches to get your muscles up and running, and your good to go.

Stay hydrated

Water, water, and more water. Drink as much water as you can at various points before, during, and even after the marathon, to keep yourself hydrated and get the best out of the day.

Finally and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy it!

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