This Dubai Candy Store Will Take You Back in Time to the Sweetest Era


It’s 2017 and DeLoreans still don’t exist. If you’re not a sci-fi fiend and do not understand what we just said, the DeLoreans are wonderful time machines from the Back to the Future trilogy that, duh, allows you to travel back in time. Sadly, we still can’t travel back in time but this Dubai candy store has the next best thing.


Trust us, this is the best cure ever! #FuzziwigsUAE

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Allow us to introduce Fuzziwig’s, an old fashioned candy factory in Riverland inside Dubai Parks & Resorts that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, retro style. Think Nerds, Starburst and gold coins. So yes, basically all your favorite childhood sweets.


Do you remember these classics..?? Your parents might 🙂 Stop by and find out for yourself why they’re still so popular #FuzziwigsUAE

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The store has over 700 retro candies that’s available for all vistors, and they also always play old school music so you can get your groove on.




WE SAID THIS: Sorry Emmett “Doc” Brown, but we’ll survive without the DeLoreans.