Drop Everything Because Jason Momoa Was in This Arab Country

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Lost in thumama @realdealmada aloha j. #ontheroam

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With all the steps Saudi Arabia has been taking forward, this has got to be the icing on the cake. Take a deep breath, what I’m about to say is going to make you wet because Aquaman was in Riyadh. Khal Drogo himself, or as Khaleesi would say “my sun, my stars,” was in the kingdom for the Comic Con Arabia.


Jason Momoa, the ultimate hottie of Game of Thrones, posted an Instagram album of his time in Saudi Arabia. But more importantly, Momoa wanted to spread his happy affectionate vibes to the Saudi people, and thank them for the royal treatment.



The album included pictures with fans and friends, and a video him entering a Saudi restaurant and being welcomed in true Arab fashion.


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Ahhh, what we would do to share this gigantic mansaf meal with you, Momoa!



WE SAID THIS: We’re super jealous of everyone who has breathed the same air he did in Saudi Arabia.