Driverless Pods & Eco-Friendly Buses: Dubai Transportation System To Surpass Any Other

When it comes to transforming the transportation system, Dubai’s ambitions are limitless. Currently in progress at Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) are two innovative transportation systems, and from the projects’ visuals, they’re expected to be futuristic masterpieces.

Via techmgzn

Eco-friendly and big on technological advancement, Dubai City will have driverless pods — small, swift autonomous cars similar to the ones in sci-fi movies— and green-rail buses. These innovations are expected to lower carbon emissions by 50%. The pods will move on an elevated track, giving a view of the city, and the buses will run on solar energy.

This has been announced after two MOUs were signed with UK and US firms. The UK company, Urban.MASS, will be responsible for the driverless pods, while the US counterpart, RAILBUS, will work to deliver the ultra-weight, modernist, and eco-friendly buses.

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