Donate to Help the Victims of the Shattering Nepal Earthquake  


Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years ripped through the country this week, with a 7.9 magnitude resulting in over 2,000 deaths and thousands of injuries. Around 17 people have been reportedly killed by the worst ever avalanche disaster to happen on Mount Everest. Local media reports that dozens of buildings and centuries-old historical and religious landmarks in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu have been leveled.

It has been reported that rescuers have been using their bare hands to dig for survivors buried underneath the ruins. Army officer Santosh Nepal told the Reuters news agency that soldiers were forced to dig a passage into a collapsed three-story residential building in Kathmandu using pickaxes as bulldozers could not get through the ancient city’s narrow streets.

Information Minister Minendra Rijal pleaded for help on BBC news, “We need support from the various international agencies which are more knowledgeable and equipped to handle the kind of emergency we face now.”

Let this be a reminder that disaster can strike us all at any anytime; however you can aid the many victims by donating to one these humanitarian organisations:



The Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund


Crowdfunding website GlobalGiving established a fund for the Nepal Victims where you can donate online.





UNICEF is currently on the ground responding to children’s emergency needs for protection, water and sanitation, health and nutrition. You can make your donation here.



CARE emergency


CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. According to the website, donations will help workers provide water, food and shelter to the victims. You can donate directly on their website.



Mercy Corps


The disaster relief agency currently has around 90 relief workers on the ground in Nepal. Donations can be made on their website or via PayPal





Donations can be made through their page.





The humanitarian aid group Oxfam announced they were sending a team of technical experts from Britain to provide clean water, sanitation and emergency food supplies. Donations can be made on their website.



Nepal Earthquake Children’s Relief Fund


Save the Children foundation has started a fund for the ongoing and urgent needs in Nepal. Donations can be made on their website.



Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity has worked in Nepal for 18 years and has helped tens of thousands of families in need of decent housing. Donations can be made on their website.



Direct Relief


Donations can be made on this website.



WE SAID THIS: Before making a donation, sites as can help you avoid scams by evaluating accountability and finances.