Documentaries: Stunning Images of the Middle East and Beyond Taken by Arab Photographers

There are tons of ways to spend your internet bundle. Some ways are fun and useful, while others are a total waste of time and energy. However, one of the most interesting ways to spend your time while endlessly scrolling through the feeds of different platforms is to see, admire, and share art.

If art is your passion, then you’ve come across a piece that will definitely be of interest, especially if you’re into photography. There is this Facebook Page, called “D o c u m e n t a r i e s”, that shares some of the most artistic, beautiful, and powerful pictures we’ve seen in a long time.

Most of the pictures are taken in the region or by Middle Eastern photographers, and every single picture has its own story that will make you feel something. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting pictures from the page to satisfy your daily dose of art, but you can definitely pay a visit to the page to see more!

Aly Zaraay – Egypt

Shirin Neshat – Iran

Belal Khaled – Refugees on Greek/Turkish Borders

Mohamed Nasr – Final of a local tournament in Mansoura, Egypt

Skander Khlif – Tunisia

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