DIY: Painted Globe


There’s something about using globes in home decoration that’s so enchanting. I don’t know why, but adding a globe to your living room library gives it that sophisticated touch. Just imagine a library that’s full of books, bookends, frames, paintings and memorabilia; it’s so personal and makes your house a home.

I came across painted globes on Pinterest, and I think they would make a perfect addition to your living room library because you get to add your favorite quote or highlight the countries that you’d love to visit. If you’re wondering how, here are the steps to DIY a painted globe.


large_Fustany-DIY-Painted_Globe-3What you will need:

– A globe

– Paint

– Paint brushes

– Tape



1. Start by figuring out what would you like to do with your globe. Do you want to paint all over it? Or just add a quote to it?

2. Prepare your workspace by spreading out some old newspapers on the ground or a table to avoid any mess.

3. Clean the globe using a cloth to get it ready for the paint job.

4. If you want to paint the entire globe, then choose different colors of paint to mark the continents, oceans, etc. For example, pick white for countries and light blue for oceans. Make sure to use a small paint brush to fill in easily.

5. After that, decide on the quote that you want to add, and use golden paint to write it on the globe. It’s easier to print out the quote in a font that you like and try to copy it for nice typography.

6. You can also use silhouettes to spell out a favorite word, such as HOPE or LOVE. In that case, tape the letters to the globe, and paint inside them, leave to dry and then remove the tape and silhouette sheet.

Your options are endless, really, so you can get very creative with your DIY painted globe!


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