Check Out These Modest Swimwear Brands That Have Got You Covered This Summer

As summer season officially kicks into full gear that only means two things, pool and beach time. As you splash headfirst into the water, you’ve got to do it in style. So we’ve got you covered with the ultimate selection of modest swimsuit brands that will have you rocking this season.

Le Maillot

Egyptian local brand, Le Maillot kickstarted last summer offering its customers an eclectic range of vibrant swimsuits. Their summer collection launched last month with a diverse fashion of not only vintage-looking swimsuits but also cover ups that you can mix and match for that full summer look. Prices start at 1000EGP and you can shop the collection at Azola Concept Store located in Cairo’s Downtown Mall or The Booth Shop in UAE, selling all things Egyptian brands.


Based in London, UK, Lyra Swimwear was born out of a woman’s need for modest fashionable summer looks but wasn’t able to find any so…she created her own. In December 2016, Lyra was created merging between Classic Hollywood, Moroccan beach cool and minimalistic designs for all customer needs. With a summer collection that bridges between turbans, printed tote bags and of course the colorful light swimsuits, Lyra has got you ‘covered’ this season with its modest but chic looks. Lyra ships to Egypt along with areas in the Middle East and prices start at 120 Euros, equating to about 4,000 EGP. You can start shopping through their website.

Hadia Ghaleb

Founder of Ghaleb Production Group and social media influencer, Hadia Ghaleb launched last summer her very own modest eponymous swimsuit brand. Hadia Ghaleb’s vibrant tie-dye looks have been taken a step further this season through its spacious mega tote bags, and mini jackets with chain detail creating the perfect morning-to-night look. The prices start at 6,000 EGP and you can shop the various look through the website.


Launched in 2017, Lakuna offers an eclectic mix of swimwear for the hot season. The surfing-esque collection sells everything from modest bathing suits, beach coverups and much more. Prices start at around 2000 EGP and you can get your hands on the latest collection through their website.


Egyptian brand, Hydro fashions modest swimwear looks with the intention of celebrating every woman through various shapes and sizes. With its different colors and gradients, Hydro has something for every woman. You can get their diverse swimsuits, cover-ups and many other beach options through their official website. Prices start at 1,600 EGP for a full bathing suit set.


Last summer, Pepla, a brand created by two Egyptian sisters living in the States for all things modest wear officially launched. They’ve recently kicked off summer season with their collection that features eclectic shades and fabrics. Prices start at 1000EGP. You not only can purchase Pepla’s latest creations that range from modest swimsuits to coverups, and turbans on their official website but it’s also available at Debenhams branches to shop internationally.

Let us know how you’re going to splash into summer?

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