The Hashtag ‫#‏ديزني_لازم_ترجع_مصري‬ Trends and For a Good Reason



When was the last time you watched your favorite animated movie with Egyptian dubbing? I know for sure that I would love to hear Mona Zaki or Hend Sabry as Elsa From Frozen and Ahmed Helmy as Olaf.

A status, or should I call it an initiative, went viral last night and for a good reason. Ahmed Mubarak stated that Up was the last Disney movie dubbed in the Egyptian dialect and now all movies are dubbed in formal Arabic for educational reasons, so kids don’t grow up learning the Egyptian culture and accent only.

Yet none of the dubbed movies garnered the same success as Inside Out, which was in Egyptian because obviously our sense of humour is out of this world and we can make anything twice as entertaining.

People of all nationalities, not solely Egyptians, are now sharing the hashtag ‫#‏ديزني_لازم_ترجع_مصري‬, demanding the return of Egyptianized animated films. We love this and fully support the movement.

Check out the event page here.


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