Dina Maghawry/ Hassan Hassan Celebrate The Arts

While you sit on your Sunday morning scanning your facebook and well just getting over your weekend the Scoop team gives you a treat. Yes we come baring gifts! 

This wednesday Hassan Hassan and Dina Maghawry, (check our interview with the leading lady here)  are bringing you a night of art, fashion and well just celebration of homegrown talent.

The duo will be showing off their collections at the Dina Maghawry store at 23 Hassan Assem Street, Zamalek. Right next to Hanna BBQ Grill

Check out the event page for more info and just incase your to lazy for that here it is bellow. 

“Finally! A night for all those who enjoy fashion, beauty and style. Come enjoy a night of gorgeous jewellery collections by the talented Dina Maghawry and unique pieces of art by artist Hassan Hassan.

For all those who did not get a chance to come and check out the artsy and vintage-y new showroom in Zamalek, now is your chance!

Come join us for a chilled night of mingling, artistic conversations, jaw dropping pieces that will have you queuing up at the mirrors & cashier 🙂

At the opening night, Dina launches her latest line as a tribute to Nubia : El Gamar Buba, alongside other graceful lines such as Patrie, Patina, Objet D’Art & more.

Hassan Hassan displays a range of his signature portraits and paintings, that express his unique lines and style.

For instant updates and inside info about the opening night, please follow Scoop Empire, the official media sponsor.”
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