Differences Between Microsoft AZ-104 and AZ-103 Exams. Use Practice Tests to Get a High Score in the New Assessment!

Microsoft is one of the most trusted vendors for prestigious credentials in the cloud computing environment. As the trends in this niche are permanently changing, the vendor also decided to review their certification paths. Thus, the Microsoft team reached the conclusion that they should change the old AZ-103 test with a more comprehensive and updated version, called AZ-104 assessment. So, if you want to become a reputable Microsoft Azure Administrator, then AZ-104 exam is the best choice for you. It helps you develop skills related to the present market’s requirements and criteria. As this is the new standard for becoming a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator, it is important to know how you can train to master your existing skills and perform brilliantly in AZ-104 test. However, before delving into this, let us dwell on the differences between the two exams, mentioned above.


Differences between AZ-103 and AZ-104 Tests

As the company’s requirements on cloud computing are permanently changing, Microsoft trainers updated the sets of skills necessary to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate badge. 


Thus, in comparison to AZ-103, this new assessment targets the exam-takers’ capacity to deploy and manage cloud computing features and services. The old exam version was focusing more on virtual networks and the candidates’ ability to deploy and manage these features.


Also, AZ-104 test demands candidates to pay more attention to Azure storage data management. If you carefully check the list of requirements for this new assessment, you will discover that the exam’s developers have created a special section dedicated to Azure backup and recovery. 


But why did it happen? In a nutshell, the feedback received from past exam-passers has shown the Microsoft experts that the IT specialists who take this test need also to know more about how to perform efficient backup and recover critical data when something goes wrong. Finally, there is an obvious change of focus towards computing resources. If you want to learn everything about Web Apps and how to use containers for different operations, then AZ-104 exam is exactly what you need.


Get Ready for AZ-104 Test with Proper Training Resources

Just like it happens in case of any exam, your score will be influenced by how well you prepare and what training resources you use. Microsoft experts know this theory very well. Thus, they have developed different classes to in still the right skills in candidates to clear their AZ-104 without much trouble. 


Are you curious to know which option works best for you? If you are looking for free, yet efficient training materials, you should take a look at online classes. All you have to do is to go on the Microsoft AZ-104 test page and start utilizing them one by one to get in-depth knowledge of all the concepts checked by the main assessment. The instructor-led training is, on the other hand, a paid preparation option, but it comes with the opportunity of addressing your concerns directly to the Microsoft trainers. Finally, practice tests have high efficiency in your AZ-104 prep as they evaluate your overall knowledge before you tackle the real assessment.



Now that you know what this Microsoft AZ-104 exam entails, are you ready to take it? This test helps you stay updated with the latest trends in Azure technology. Also, thanks to the diverse training materials available on the vendor’s website, your chances to pass it are quite high. A winning combination is online classes, instructor-led training, and practice tests that will equip you with all the relevant knowledge to ace AZ-104 easily!

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