Design Master Mohamed Fares Gives Us An Exclusive Into His Latest Photography Project

Chief designer and co-founder of Alchemy Design Studio, Mohamed Fares is a force to be reckoned with in the design scene. He has pushed the limits to create new concepts to change the industry within Egypt. For his continuous efforts, he is one of the few people who represented Egypt in 2008 at the London-based International Young Design Entrepreneur (IYDE) Awards. It turns out though that he is not just a talented designer. With tricks up his sleeve, he is also part of the photography world, and to get a scoop on his upcoming projects we chatted with Fares.

It turns out that he is embarking on a new voyage that will take him directly to New York’s Salon Art + Design, located on Park Avenue. This is an art salon that displays the world’s best designs including vintage, modern and contemporary 20th-century art. It also features design galleries from all over the world, this journey will see Fares take part in a project where he aims to capture unexpected encounters, the gallery will be held from Nov. 10-14. The photos captured by his phone are in collaboration with Le Lab, a Cairo-based contemporary design gallery founded by Rasheed Kamel.

Fares stated that his muse is simply passion, “one of the most important elements in all of my projects is passion, and in this project, in particular, I will not be focusing on objects but rather on my vision and outlook on life.” Fares then thanked Kamel for sharing his love of art and his artistic eye as Kamel was the one who pushed Fares to exhibit his work.

The talented designer and photographer asserted that for a decade, even before 4G’s existence, he had been shooting photos with his iPhone without any preparation, allowing him to capture genuine and true moments and two years ago he was able to collect 10,000 pictures prompting him to start a project titled “Life Through My Eyes iPhone Series.” Those pictures were then divided into different smaller projects named: #TheArtistOfAllTime, #ClassicalBeauty, and #KeepWalking.

From design to photography, Fares is showing we can expect the same from his photography career as he takes us on a journey through his iPhone camera into the world of Mohamed Fares.

Here’s a glimpse of Fares’ work that we can expect to witness in his iPhone Series project that’ll take him to America’s Big Apple. There, Fares will showcase his work and his ability to capture genuine moments.

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