Dasani Water Is Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

In a world where plastic is an epidemic, it is the responsibility of corporations and individuals to make a difference.

In the aim of finding sustainable alternatives, Coca-Cola, Dasani’s parent company, has announced that starting next year it will start distributing Dasani water in aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles. The initiative is set to kick off in the northeast U.S. next year and is set to expand worldwide throughout 2020.

Dasani is the world’s largest producer of bottled water, and by applying this, Dasani will save the world around one billion plastic bottles in the next five years.

“We are a consumer company, and as consumers say, ‘Well, we’d like to try cans,’ we’re going to put cans in the market,” said Bruce Karas, vice president of environment and sustainability at Coca-Cola, as Fast Company reported.

Coca Cola will still be producing plastic, however, in their ‘World Without Waste’ initiative they will be using less of the substance with a process called light-weighing.

“We really think about the future of this brand differentiating on sustainability credentials,” said Lauren King, brand director for Dasani, who noted that Dasani is growing along with the bottled water trend, according to CNN.

Finally, the company has announced a new type of hybrid bottle, which is made up of 50 percent recycled plastic and plant-based materials.

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