Daily Dose of Art: Fareeda Mohamed’s “3afer Hatewsal” Could Be the Best Thing You See Today!

Via Facebook

Doing my favorite hobby of the day, scrolling through the same three social media applications, I stumbled upon this video, and I think it could be the best thing on the internet today.

The video is motivational, artistic, and is super relatable to every millennial I know. For today’s daily dose of art, we’ll feature Fareeda Mohamed’s pre-masters project, Afer Hatewsal!

The video is for the youth who are trying their best every day to achieve their dreams and do what they love, even if they constantly getting criticized or get negative comments. It’s asking them to never give up even if it feels like it’s the end of their dreams. The video showcases some role models and cases that actually made it in spite of everyone who believed otherwise. According to Fareeda, the genius project was all shot with a mobile phone!

WE SAID THIS: If this hasn’t motivated you enough, I don’t know what will!