Daily Dose Of Art: Doaa El Sebaii’s Latest Queen Cover Is A Must See!

Via Discovered

Ever since the release of Ramy Malek’s Bohemian Rhapsody portraying Freddie Mercury, legendary Queen’s late Lead Singer, everyone has been hyped up over their music! We recently stumbled upon Fabrica’s genius cover of Mercury Rising, and while scouting for some good music, we found another great cover of one of Queen’s songs by some very talented local musicians!

Discovered just released this artistic cover of “The Show Must Go On”, and it’s brilliant on so many levels! The song features one of the most promising young voices in Egypt, Doaa El Sebaii who has millions of fans around the Arab World ever since her participation in Star Academy years ago.

Everything about the music video is amazing; from the awesome music by Mostafa Negm, Ahmed Abdelwahab, and Hany Youssef, to Doaa’s amazing performance and angelic voice, and of course, the Mohanad Torky’s directing.

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