Daily Dose Of Art: Fabrica’s Cover of This Queen Song is a Must Listen!

Via Facebook

Today’s “Daily Dose of Art” is by a team that has been creating beautiful art since 2013, Fabrica! The ensemble just released a super cool music video; covering one of Queen’s most popular and iconic songs, Mercury Rising. Queen’s popularity has increased dramatically after Ramy Malek’s latest blockbuster, Bohemian Raphsody, and increased, even more, when it won the movie won a Golden Globe for the Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Actor.

Thus, Fabrica’s music video already surpassed one thousand shares on Facebook.

For those of you who’ve never heard of Fabrica, let us shed some well-deserved light on this awesome group of artists! Fabrica is a leading Egyptian musical theatre group that was founded by Dr. Neveen Alouba. The group aims at developing the contemporary Egyptian performing arts scene and cultural production. It focuses on the first phases of musical theater, in Egypt, by offering training programs, performance possibilities, and outreach into the community.

The group’s live performances are outsanding. Check out their awesome live cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.

WE SAID THIS: Looking forward to see more from this artistic bunch!