These Red Bruises on Rio’s Olympic Athletes Are Not from a Khena2a, They’re ‘Cupping’

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If you’ve been watching the Olympic games, you might have seen a couple of athletes (or more) with circular bruises – that look like they just had a big khena2a with someone. Worry not, they are a result of cupping, a process that is undergone using hot cups that suck on your flesh until it reddens. Ironically, as brutal as it looks, its purpose is actually the complete opposite – killing the pain.


Via Men's Health
Via Men’s Health


This practice has been going around in celebrity circles since 2004, but it only made it to the Olympics this year. It is said that cupping has a faster and stronger effect of recovering. “That [cupping] has been the secret that I have had through this year that kept me healthy. It’s been better than any money I’ve spent on anything else. It has saved me from a lot of pain.” said Alex Naddour, the US gymnast currently competing in Rio.


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Also, Belarusian swimmer, Pavel Sankovich,  posted about how much cupping is helping him out during exercise.


This kinda Saturday morning. Cupping is a great recovery tool #cannotwalk#everydayislegday

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WE SAID THIS: Do you think we’ll see this phenomenon reflected on our Egyptian athletes? We’ll see.