Why Cry When You Can Throw A Fabulous Divorce Party?

Divorce is the new black in case you haven’t noticed. In every group of friends, there are at least two couples separating. There is no misery like the end of a romance and a broken family. Alas, when life gives you lemons, squeeze the hell out of them and make the best cocktail you have ever tasted, which brings us to the world’s latest trend, divorce parties.

If you are thinking of a sleepover with lots of tears and ex bashing, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a fabulous event in every possible way. It goes without saying, this is not an event for the divorced couple’s children.

Here is your guide to throwing the best marriage farewell party:






It has to be something with a little bit of humor. You need everyone to understand in advance that this is a celebration so that no one is left being nervous.



Who is invited?



You should only invite your closest friends who are your comfort zone, who stood by your side in sickness and in health. Don’t invite potential dates, the last thing you need right now is another bad romance.



Divorce shower gift list





A separation will leave you broke. You have to get a new house and new furniture and, of course, in case of a lawsuit, you will get ripped off. The best gift anyone can get right now is not a shoulder to cry on, it is gift vouchers or money.



A makeover



A new beginning requires a newer version of you. Throw away everything from your past along with your hair style and wardrobe.



Your ride



A divorcee needs to arrive to a party in style. Rent the best convertible car, the one your wife banned you from buying, and enjoy the ride.



Dress code



A theme always adds a bit of excitement to a party. Women can go gothic chic, think Raghda in the movie Estakoza as she rebelled as a bride and chose a black dress.




Or why not choose a Khaleesi theme from Game of Thrones? She is an independent warrior who is fighting the seven kingdoms for what is rightfully hers.



Men just can’t go wrong with this: a Risky Business theme as Tom Cruise in just boxers, a shirt and socks. This scene is the epitome of male freedom.






You need to pre-order a cake that is nothing but a good riddance statement.



Or go for something more dramatic



Voodoo gingerbread men make an excellent choice for snacks.






What is a good party without a pianta? It could be a heart and you smash it into pieces or even something more fun, like your ex’s face.



You might even take that ugly dress you have always hated, burn it to the ground and finally end its existence.






A big NO to sad music. Your guests are there to dance to the best music ever written, celebrating freedom and independence.





,,nm,n ,mn

No doubt choosing the higher road and not mentioning your ex is a good way to go, but where is the fun in that? Voodoo dolls with your ex’s face attached to them sounds just about right.



Cry them a river



It’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Now that you have been fed and danced the night away, cry for one last time and then move on and never look back.



After-party divorce destination



This is where the gift vouchers and money come in handy. Take all the money you got and book a ticket to a dream destination that you have always been too busy to visit.



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