Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Just Announced the Restoration of Jeddah’s Historical Monuments!

Via Vogue

Over the past couple of years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economy has become more diversified than ever. With the rise of the entertainment sector, the future of tourism seems very bright and promising in the Saudi kingdom.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has ordered the restoration of historical monuments in the city of Jeddah. The project is expected to cost around $50 million, and it will be funded by the King, Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Minister of Defense!

Via Vogue

The restoration will preserve the rich cultural and architectural history of this great city. Jeddah is currently slated as the next UNESCO World Heritage site, and the restoration will put it on the path to fulfilling UNESCO’s prerequisites to enlist it as one. Some of the buildings that’ll be renovated are more than 500 years old!

“Saudi Arabia’s historical buildings will receive special attention from the Ministry of Culture to ensure that they remain in excellent condition and remain as solid proof of the cultural depth of the kingdom,” said Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, the Saudi Minister of Culture.

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to report the inclusion of Jeddah as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!