Critics Slam Nikki Haley for Writing ‘Finish Them’ on Israeli Shells Amid Gaza Violence

It sometimes feels as though there is a major disconnect in the world — as if people are not living on the same planet. Just hours after the carnage that took place at Rafah, former ambassador of the UN and US presidential candidate Nikki Haley was seen signing artillery shells in Israel.

They are the very artillery shells and missiles that are destined to once again make a landing in Gaza. What is the message she scribbled down, you may ask? Here it is: “Finish Them! America Loves Israel. Always, Nikki Haley.”


For many, the disturbing moment was described as being one for the history books, one that will be analyzed by history students and historians for generations to come. Haley was quickly criticized for the message by human rights groups along with pro-Palestine supporters.

Haley did not stop there, as later on, she took to X (formerly Twitter) to continue to express support for Israel: “Israel must do whatever is necessary to protect her people from evil,” adding that Israel was fighting “enemies” of the United States.

Haley is one of the many public figures who adamantly supports Israel and who has been facing a wave of criticism to the point that some even labeled her as a “sociopath,” saying that any logical person wouldn’t need a degree to diagnose her.

With such a public display of animosity toward Gaza, Haley may become part of the ongoing blockout list, and later on, her career may take a hit as well.

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