Ahmed Helmy Returns to Egypt’s Stage with Hilarious New Play ‘Memo’ This Eid

He made us laugh in comedy gems like “Zaki Chan,” cry in heavy and deeply layered dramas like “Asef A’la El Eza’ag,” and re-evaluate our Egyptian identity in the urban classic “Asal Eswed.”

Now, he is making a major comeback, but not on the screen. Instead, after 23 years following his stage performance in “Hakim Oyoun,” he will be returning to Egypt’s theater this Eid in his very own play called “Memo.”

What Is It About?

“Memo,” written by Diaa Mohamed, is a comedy that places a funny and critical lens on the impact of social media on our daily lives. Throughout the play, we see Helmy taking on the role of a character called Massoud, who dives into the world of social media and the complexities of society.

Meet The Cast

Joining him on the stage are a slew of popular Egyptian stars, including Hana al-Zahed, Nour Ihab, Hana Shiha, Hamdi al-Mirghani, Ahmed Rizk, and Mohamed Radwan.

Its Saudi Tour

Before arriving in Egypt, the play generated a lot of buzz after taking the stage across Saudi Arabia as part of the Riyadh season. So far, it has been shown in several cities in Saudi Arabia, including Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, Abha, and Taif.

Now, the play is coming to Egypt this Eid. The dates, venue and tickets will be announced soon so be sure to stay tuned.

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