Cut the Routine With these Creative and Fun Ideas For a Perfect Friday!

We all just wait for Friday every week, we wait for the day where we could actually chill, have fun, go out and relax. But aren’t we all just bored of the mainstream activities or places we go to? Our weekdays are routine enough to the point that when Friday hits us we wish we could do something creative or outside the box in order to refresh ourselves and boost our moods. Friday is always the right day to try out something new whether alone, or with friends or family. We’ve got you covered with some creative new ideas for a perfect Friday in Cairo!

Go for a walk in Zamalek

You know the feeling when you wake up and feel that you want just to spend a simple day? Maybe just grab a coffee from Coffee Berry in 26 July in the morning then have a nice walk around in Zamalek and its cozy streets. You’ll definitely bump into many boutiques. Whether you’re asking for a low budget day or fancy dinner, both won’t need any transportation because it’s all in the same area.

Act like a tourist

Most of us think we know our country so well to the point where there’s no need to explore it even more, but what’s actually funny is that when tourists come and visit Cairo they tend to know it even better than us. So why not spend your Friday as a tourist. First, have a breakfast in Falafel or 9 Pyramids lounge located next to the pyramids of Giza, and then have a long nice walk in Khan Khalili and buy some jewelry. In Khan Khalili, you can also have dinner in Naguib Mahfouz Café with some oriental music and traditional food that we usually miss. Now because of the global pandemic, it’s preferable to spend your outings in outdoor areas so museums aren’t the right option now but what you can do at night is maybe enjoy a Feluka ride on the Nile with all the city’s lights.

Go local in Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo is a mixture of everything. You can have a nice walk in the morning then have lunch in Cafe Riche for example or maybe eat koshary then grab an ice cream. You can also do some local shopping and then at night go to a local bar with some of your friends. Downtown is one of those locations in Cairo that attracts everyone to actually visit it daily. You can never get bored there.

Do some outdoor yoga

This is the most relaxing and correct way to start a positive day. Give yourself an hour and do an outdoor yoga whether it’s with a class or alone, just grab your mat, start, and see the difference.

Head to Fingerlock Egypt

Egypt’s only outdoor wall will encourage you to do some rock climbing for a change. It’s a 12m high artificial mountain with 20+ routes. If you think you’ll like it, head there for some technique sessions too.

Go Kayaking

Why not try kayaking? It’s a nice activity especially if you’re surrounded by the nile and everything is blue around you. Start your day with a nice activity in this beautiful weather.

Spend the day BBQ-ing at Wadi Degla Protectorate

When in doubt, just go with a nice company with some food and snack to Wadi Degla in Maadi. Don’t forget to take some speakers to lighten up the vibe, and make sure to head there early because it closes at 5pm.

Quad Bike during sunrise at the Pyramids

This is one of the most out of the box ideas one can ever bump into. It’s so much fun when you go to the pyramids during sunrise, and just take a ride with a quad bike. Start your day very early and when you’re done why not visit Falafel or Mena House for breakfast.

Visit a gallery or an art exhibition

There’s always some interesting art exhibitions and galleries that are worth visiting in Cairo, showcasing art and photography. Simply take a friend and explore some art.

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