Cream: The New Daytime Party Concept That’s About to Dominate Egyptian Nightlife



One does not simple day drink BECAUSE US CAIRENES ONLY HAVE ONE OPTION AND WE’RE TIRED OF IT! But worry not kids, our savior has come in the form of #CreamRoyal, the first daytime party from Cream, a new traveling party concept that’s all about luxury, and we’ve got the inside scoop.

Taking place somewhere in Cairo on April 15th — we can’t tell you just where yet, as we will die, or worse, not get invited to their one-of-a-kind first event — only 500 passes will be available to make sure only a premium selection of the city’s glitterati make it to the party. We’ve also heard that the lineup will include killer sets of Nu-Disco, and more dangerously, it’s going to be a top-shelf imported open bar event! Do we need to say more? Get your passes now while you still can by clicking here.



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