Corona Isn’t Shameful: Karim Kassem Opens Up About COVID-19 and the Stigma Behind It

Superstar Karim Kassem posted on his official social media pages a video of his experience after he was infected with COVID-19, with the hashtag #Corona_Isn’t_Shameful. Karim shared his full experience, from the moment of discovering the infection until today, where he is in the stage of full recovery.

Karim stated that he hesitated a lot about making this video, but his main aim is to confirm that a COVID-19 diagnosis is not a defect and we must not hide the matter and report immediately if symptoms appear; the real shame is that you get the infection and hide it!

Karim added that COVID-19 is a dangerous virus, but we should not panic. Precautions must be taken, and also most young people can be treated at home by following the treatment protocol and adhering to it without the need to go to the hospital.

WE SAID THIS: We’re wishing the inspiring superstar a swift recovery.

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