10 Ways to Keep Your Cool During Triggering Conversations

Finding a way to talk about sensitive topics is one of the most difficult things Arab societies face today. Politics and religion are amongst the topics that some people may find offensive or consider to be triggering conversations. Nevertheless though, there are appropriate methods to continue the conversation and below are 10 of these methods to keep in mind when engaging in a constructive conversation.

  • Start a new discussion: It’s critical to start a new conversation and reach out to others. What would be the meaning of our existence if we remained silent and ignored such crucial conversations? Whatever the topic, one must find a way to approach individuals and engage in themes that generate a variety of opinions and sincerity.
  • Practice humility: Another important part is humility, as we typically start meetings with lots of expectations. We are susceptible to what we believe we know, as well as misleading facts that may jeopardize our point of view. As a result, doing your own investigation and verifying the facts is critical to one’s integrity.
  • Listen: Listening skills are essential for understanding the other person’s point of view and will considerably reduce stress. People who speak over one other are more likely to finish the conversation without comprehending each other’s views and to remain antagonistic to one another.
  • Keep your cool: Keeping your emotions out of the conversation can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Most importantly, it will demonstrate to the other person that you’re here to talk and discuss different points of view, rather than to confront their ideas.
  • Find a point of agreement: To establish positivism and respect, both individuals should agree on at least one or two parts of the discussion. If this does not occur, both speakers will recognize that their discussion is meaningless and will not benefit them in any way.
  • Take a neutral position: Taking a neutral stance will aid in the smooth running of the conversation and will make both speakers more relaxed and open to fresh ideas and opinions. As a result, being willing to accept other people’s opinions is an important aspect of being more integrated into the conversation.
  • Add more points: Adding your own thoughts and ideas to the conversation might help you develop your own point of view and perspective. When telling your side of the tale, there’s no need be afraid in expressing your views and ideas and bringing them to the table.
  • Consider the larger picture: Sometimes people prefer to drift away from the main topic and focus on other things that may be unnecessary to the main topic at hand and the underlying reason for the talk in the first place.
  • Keep it brief: It’s critical to keep your remarks short and clear to the other person so that they don’t become lost or overwhelmed by the information you’ve shared. Keeping your points brief and to-the-point will allow the other person to better comprehend your point of view, will be able to maintain a steady pace for understanding, and feel more at ease.
  • End on a positive note: Attempting to conclude the conversation on a positive note is critical as it will bring you closer together and increase your chances of being approached by the other person again in the future for further discussion on various topics. Regardless if you agree or disagree, you should strive to avoid making negative remarks, and maintain a positive tone towards the end.

Julia Dhar, a champion debater and business strategist, outlines several key characteristics of fruitful arguments based on curiosity and purpose in this video. Dhar’s main focus is on strengthening relationships through dialogues that can become “controversial” at times.

Triggering conversations should continue to be an important component of our society, where we can openly share our thoughts without fear of repercussions or being verbally abused by those who disagree with our views. It is critical for us as humans to accept one another more and to immerse ourselves in fresh ideas and perspectives that will inspire us to become better people and to grow.

Furthermore, without respect, we will not be able to have a peaceful contentious dialogue with someone without first respecting them and understanding that he/she have views and opinions like us, and they too have the right to communicate them at any time.

When both parties are able to walk away with something useful, our society’s understanding of various ideas and perspectives will enable us to develop not just as individuals, but as a society as well.

WE SAID THIS: While following these ten guidelines, try to talk about one topic you haven’t been able to discuss before!