Ain Shams University: The First Robotic Cholecystectomy Surgery

Egypt has made some major strides in the health sector, with fresh innovations taking place on a daily basis. In this particular case however, the first robotic cholecystectomy procedure to remove the gallbladder was successfully done at Ain Shams University.

via Qenast

The cholecystectomy surgery took three hours and was conducted on an 18-year-old. The procedure for integrating robotics in surgeries was first established at Ain Shams University, making it one of Egypt’s most sophisticated medical schools. Robotics, on the other hand, are employed in surgeries to assist surgeons and adopt new options.

As a result, Professor Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, stated that raising awareness and becoming more eager to incorporate robotic surgery technology throughout Egypt’s health system was critical in order to improve precision and efficiency.

During surgical procedures, robotics assist the surgeon in gaining a better view of the surgery site as it is being performed.

According to El-Metini, the university did not begin practicing robotic surgery on live patients until the doctors had completed all of the necessary equipment and had trained the medical team for multiple phases. This was critical for the surgery’s success because both parties needed to get more comfortable with the procedure first.

It is critical that we embrace technology within the health sector, as it is a pivotal step toward improving Egypt’s health sector, and robotics’ primary function is to assist surgeons in improving their accuracy and increasing their chances of success, rather than making decisions for them. When it comes to such procedures, a large portion is in the hands of the surgeon, and doctors have not yet fully relied on robotics in complicated surgeries.

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