Clashes In Mansura

Chaos has become a daily thing here in Egypt.

Friday the 19th, at the Nile Delta city of Mansura, three women died due to clashes between loyalists and opponents of Egypt’s ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. The tension and anger in the streets of Egypt is turning this country into a disaster.

Adel Said, a hospital official in Mansure reported that 3 women were killed and seven others were wounded by birdshot and stabbing attacks during the clashes.

One of the pro-Morsi protesters stated that thousands of loyalists were marching through the city’s narrow streets when “thugs” attacked them with guns, knives and rocks.

Before Friday’s demosrations, the army warned the protesters that if any violence took place he/she will be putting their life in danger.

I quote ” Whoever resorts to violence in Friday’s protests will endanger his life, and will be treated with utmost decisiveness, within legal bounds.”

But that didn’t stop anyone, did it?

According to Adly Mansour, Morsi’s army installed successor gave a speech last Thursday saying ” we will fight the battle for security to the end. We will preserve the revolution.”

Things are getting out of hand, no one knows where this country is heading. At least 99 people have died in violence since Morsi’s removal, that literally means 99 people in 17 days, and God knows how many Injured.

May God be with Egypt.