Celebrate World Kebab Day With These Delectable Spots Around Cairo

Have you ever tried food on a stick that wasn’t good? Corn-Dogs, cake pops, or even club sandwiches cut into quarters and served onto skewers? There’s a secret that makes that food combo almost always extra delicious. This concept originated from shish kebab, the famous Middle Eastern dish of small pieces of meat grilled on a skewer, the one we’re celebrating today. World Kebab Day is celebrated on July 14, which makes a good excuse for us all to eat kebab. Here are seven restaurants to eat kebab and commemorate it and its various varieties.

El Menoufy 

With so many branches of El Menoufy you’re guaranteed a delicious kebab meal; whether you’ll order it at home or dine in for the full experience, El Menoufy will satisfy your cravings. Since you’re treating yourself to a good meal don’t miss out on their pigeon and Baba-Ganugh.



Kebab and Lebanese cuisine come hand in hand. Visit the nearest Ayadina branch for the full Lebanese experience with the famous Kebab grill and a refreshing tabula salad. 


Go all out for a real celebration and make a day out of it, not just a meal. El Refaiy has been in business since 1960 so you can count on them for mouth-watering meals. Elrefaiy is in Elsayeda Zeinab and opens every day from 4pm to 3am. You’ll also find a wall of all their famous customers’ pictures hanging there to keep you entertained until your meal is ready. 


If you’re craving the oriental kebab dish in a fancy chill setting to recharge, Loris it is. Whether you’re team Kebab dipped in tahini or in hummus, you’ll find them both in there. Loris has two branches in Sahel and Sheikh Zayed.


Take a quick trip to Maadi and visit El Rayeq restaurant for the traditional kebab dish with tahini and fresh bread. El Rayeq’s working hours are daily from 12 pm to 2 am for dine-in or to-go orders.


El-Dahan is among the most famous places for its oriental grills and salads. It has many branches to visit wherever you are around Cairo for an appetizing kebab.  

Sobhi Kaber 

The three-floor building full of customers is an indication in itself of how good they are. The famous Sobhi Kaber restaurant is an experience of its own with a variety of good quality meat to satisfy everyone’s cravings. The place is also known for its tasty molokhia that you can’t miss out on. Their Shubra branch is always crowded but with a quick turnover so you won’t wait long for your delicious meal.

So grab your friends and family, embark on a delicious journey and celebrate this special day by savoring some of the best kebabs!

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