Canada’s Ontario Could Choose July as its Egyptian Heritage Month

Via Sada El Balad.

The legislative assembly of Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, is about to dub July “Egyptian Heritage Month”. According to Enterprise, after passing the first and second readings, the draft proposal was sent to a committee for a final review.

With each diaspora having a month celebrating its home country’s cultural heritage, Egyptian-Canadian MP Sherif Sabawy was inspired to introduce the idea before Ontario’s legislative assembly. If MPs pass the bill, July will officially become Ontario’s Egyptian Heritage Month, with various events such as traditional folk dancing, plays, films, and music to be scheduled throughout the 31 days.

Furthermore, if the final draft is approved, the Egyptian flag will be raised over Ontario’s legislative assembly along with various meet-and-greets between members of Ontario’s parliament and members of the Egyptian diaspora in Canada.

MP Sherif Sabawy also added in an interview with Al Haya Al Youm‘s Lobna Assal that he has been personally contacted by the Egyptian Ministry of Emigration, which offered to work closely with him on the project. The Egyptian-Canadian MP has also revealed plans for a major light and sound event in one of Ontario’s main squares to bring Egyptian culture and heritage to as many Canadians as possible.

According to Sabawy, the bill is certain to have a positive influence on tourism as it is expected that more Canadians will travel to Egypt as they are introduced to Egyptian culture.

WE SAID THIS: Efforts like these are what changes false perceptions about Egypt abroad.