Can We All Please Acknowledge How Fabulous Nabila Ebeid Is at the Age of 70?


Okay, so we need to drop everything and talk about this video of 70-year-old superstar Nabila Ebeid dancing. This year old video resurfaced on Adel Chamsdine’s Facebook account and we just remembered why Bolbola is the leading lady of Egypt.


The Star talent show that airs on Rotana Masreya is all about Ebeid finding the next biggest acting sensation. Our Bolbola, as fabulous as ever, decided to show the little girls on stage what it means to play a belly dancer while performing her famous ElRaqasa wel Seyasi dance. She slayed it on so many levels. She is fitter than most 20-year-old girls, her style is flawless, her positive approach to life is written all over her face and we think our khamsa emwah lady might have just been thrown off the fabulousness throne.



WE SAID THIS: Bow down to the original queen of fab, Bolbola!