You Can Now Sell Your Garbage and Save the Environment in Egypt

Via The Blaze


Egypt has been a victim of waste management for decades. Everywhere you go there are piles of garbage completely ignored until someone complains to have them removed. This week, however, social media has been flooding with news about recycling wastes and memes about selling cans for EGP 9.


Hend Hamdan Saber posted photos of one of the two new outlets in Cairo where you can sell your garbage. It’s a brilliant way to motivate recycling than asking people to sort their garbage into recyclable and non-recyclable items.


Via Hend Hemdan Saber


You can sell 1kg of cans for EGP 9, 1 kg of plastic for EGP 3, 1 kg of glass for 20 piasters, 1 kg of carton for EGP 1 and 1 kg of paper for 80 piasters. Two outlets opened this weekend by Cairo Governor Atef Abdel Hamid on Aswan Street in Mahkama Square, Nozha district and Ibn Sandar Square, Heliopolis with more outlets are expected to open all over Cairo.


The new project is run by NGO under the supervision of the governorate. Vehicles will pass by citizens to buy their garbage. The pickup locations and times will soon be announced.



WE SAID THIS: Let’s start living green, sort and save our recyclable garbage.