Cairo University Removes Religion Slot from Its Certificates and All Paperwork

Via Copts United
Via Copts United


Cairo University has decided to remove the ‘religion’ field from certificates, documents and papers issued or handled by the university; a controversial decision that gave way to wide debate between members of parliament.


People who opposed the decision describe it as unnecessary: “I am against the abolition of the religion slot in general because it will lead to fraud and cheating in contracts of marriage, divorce and inheritance. As for the decision of Cairo University, I see that there is no need for such exaggerated decrees,” said MP Amr Hamroush, the Secretary of the Committee for Religious Affairs and Endowments.


Hamroush added, “The constitution states that all Egyptians are equal in rights and duties, and therefore this decree shouldn’t have been issued at the present time, with all the difficult conditions Egypt is passing through and the battle of construction and survival. We need to work and join hands in order to build our country, instead of busying ourselves with side battles.”


Meanwhile other members received the news with open arms, saying it is constitutional and encourages citizenship and equality. MP Eliya Bassily said the decision to remove the religion slot is a positive and constitutional decision, and it also works in line with the provisions of the Egyptian Constitution, which prohibits discrimination or distinction between citizens on the basis of religion, race, sex or color.


Via Youm7
Via Youm7


The decision was based on the Egyptian Constitution of 2014 and Presidential Decree Law No. 49 of 1972 on the organization of universities, along with the articles amended for it, where the appendix of the decision was approved and signed by President of Cairo University, Dr. Gaber Nassar.



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