Cairo Runners are Raising Awareness on Egypt’s Water Scarcity

Cairo Runners are hosting a run on tomorrow, February 22nd, in collaboration with Save Egypt’s Water organization, as an attempt to increase awareness on water scarcity in Egypt. Shedding light on the importance of the issue, a morning run couldn’t be better to learn more about this.

It doesn’t matter where come from, what your standards are, or how advanced and rich it is, water scarcity is a global issue and it’s taking the international community by storm. Water is the most valuable resource on Earth, and it’s becoming very scarce to an extent that studies are predicting water wars in the near future and no country is immune to such catastrophe, certainly not Egypt!

In 2018, a study declared that the Capital of South Africa, Cape Town, is officially hitting day zero; meaning that the taps around the city are running dry and people are suffering to find access fresh water. Unfortunately, BBC has reported that Egypt is ranked fourth on the list of 11 other countries that are predicted to hit day zero soon, not that far off behind South Africa.

The UN expects Egypt to be in a state of absolute water scarcity by the year 2025. This is literally just five years away! Fortunately, a new initiative emerged in 2018, ‘Save Egypt’s Water’, which aims to present ways to preserve and reduce our water consumption in a very educational way.

Islam El-Kelsh, Founder of Save Egypt’s Water, mentioned that his organization frequently visits schools across Cairo to teach young kids the right ways to consume water. That is normally done in a series of educational games, lectures, giveaways, and tips. Such tips teach, not only kids but also adults, and helps them improve their daily consumption of water.

About six liters of water are being wasted while you’re reading this, which is equivalent to around four large water bottles. Therefore, Save Egypt’s Water advises you to take shorter showers, spread awareness by guiding the people around you, friends and family or your community, and finally, always take part in awareness campaigns such as Cairo Runner’s run this month.

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