This Brand Encourages Women to Embrace Beauty of All Sorts!

Via Dove

Brands who ace their identities normally win the hearts of their consumers. Several brands have a persona that makes one feel as if he/she is dealing with a character rather than just a product. One of these brands is definitely Dove, standing out as a brand that truly empowers women. They never fail to embrace real beauty in all its forms.

After taking the North Coast by storm last summer with its movement, #matkhalish_haga_twa2afik, Dove decided to take its game to the next level. Through this campaign, the brand encourages girls and women to embrace the choice they make of how they express themselves through their hair. A girl’s hair tells a lot about how she wants it to be and not how others do. So, if you prefer to keep yours straight, curly, or even dye it pink, Dove has your back with whatever choice you decide to make!

When taking risks with new hairstyles, ladies normally fear hair fall and damage. However, there’s no need to worry anymore because Dove plays a pivotal role in giving the required care for progressive nourishment. This leads to prevention of up to 90% of hair damage and therefore, leaving more room for the ladies to enjoy their hair the way they want!

As a curly-haired human myself, seeing a brand convey such a powerful message is empowering on its own. Women tend to care a lot when it comes to their looks, always feeling pressured to look their finest. But when there’s that essence of encouragement and reassurance, it really does make a difference! The perfect proof of that is that the movement has touched many women, and not just influencers like Farah Emara, Doaa El Sebaay, Deana Shaaban, Malak El Ezzawi, and Ranin El Gaby, but also consumers. Dove sent around 1,000 product kits to real consumers to take part and try for themselves!

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