By Women, For Women: These 4 Egyptian Apps and Services Are Here to Make Your Life Easier and Safer!

By: Toka Omar

Commuting without being harassed or irritated is one of women’s biggest challenges in their daily lives, especially in Egypt. Finding the safest and most convenient place to stay while traveling alone can also be hectic for women. Therefore, some amazing ladies decided to stand up for others by launching transportation and rental services dedicated exclusively to women.

Pink Taxi

Via: Pink Taxi

Apart from being the first taxi application in Egypt, the Pink taxi riders are only women. Only female drivers work with this platform, and they are obliged to use the safest routes in the Greater Cairo Area. The application is available on any IOS or Android device, and you can order your taxi at any time of the day.


 It is the first women-only ride-hailing application in Egypt, and neither male drivers nor customers are welcomed in Fyonka cars. The aim of the application is to affect women’s lives positively through driving job opportunities and safe rides across Cairo. The application is running now from 8 am to 10 pm, and you can download it from any android or IOS device.


It is relatively common in Egypt that women don’t know how to drive, and to combat this stereotype, Direxonia was launched to give women professional driving lessons by certified female driving instructors. The platform also helps women with different car services, such as guidance while buying a new car or getting maintenance services.


Motivated by their desire to escape Cairo’s traffic congestion, Menna and Nouran Farouk founded the Dosy platform to give girls scooter and bike lessons. Girls can take their bike sessions with their female instructors at any place in Cairo or Alexandria. The platform has recently launched its bike delivery service in Cairo, and the Farouk sisters are planning to launch their scooter ride-hailing app very soon.  


Well, this platform isn’t actually Egyptian, but it will surely help Egyptian women while abroad. Golightly was launched to provide women with house rental services while traveling abroad. All of the proprieties on the platform are owned by women, and the female users are free to accompany anyone they want during their stay. However, the platform has some strict rules to make sure that the bookings are done by females. You should be invited by an existing user to the platform or a long assessment application will be waiting for you to fill.

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