But Make It Arab: Jessica Kahawaty Creates Wes Anderson Magic

For the past month, people’s lives around the world were turned into a colorful palette with an upbeat soundtrack. Capturing activities such as having breakfast or performing tasks around the office, people came together and turned their moments into a scene of a Wes Anderson film.

The American filmmaker who is known for many films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel to The French Dispatch has seeped into people’s social feeds. Though Anderson’s cinema can be considered highbrow at times, his formalistic style that creates a vivid environment through the coloring, music and careful cuts make the realistic elements or everyday moments seem that much more exciting.

One example of an Arab celebrity that took the Wes Anderson challenge and ran with it was Lebanese-Australian model and entrepreneur, Jessica Kahawaty. In the Instagram reel, Kahawaty is seen dining at a vibrant Spanish restaurant with serenity, rocking a vintage white dress and sunglasses that make her seem as if she slipped right out of an Anderson scene.

Many people have been exploring the trend and Kahawaty is only one of them. Let us know if you’ve participated in the trend and what’s your favorite one so far.

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