Breaking: Riots Break in Central Beirut and Here’s Why

Last night, thousands of protesters filled the streets of downtown Beirut, and it continued into the early hours of this morning! A source from the AP told us that protests erupted over the government’s plan to impose new taxes, that it would charge 20 cents per day for voice over internet protocol; which is basically a feature used in Whatsapp, Facebook and other applications.

The demonstrations are the largest Lebanon has seen since the spark of the 2015 trash crisis. The severe economic crisis, as well as the corruption and decades of mismanagement, led the people to take their anger out on politicians. According to CNN “Lebanon has been struggling with growing inflation, stagnant economic growth and a lot of debt. Also, the decaying infrastructure, that includes long and frequent power outages, has meant that living standards have dropped for many Lebanese”

Scroll down to have a glimpse of the protests.

قلبي عم يرقص ❤#لبنان_ينتفض

Posted by Assaad Thebian on Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Massive protest in Tripoli Northern Lebanon happening now

Posted by Beirut old city walk on Thursday, October 17, 2019
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نداء نداء نداءإلى جميع الناس في جميع المناطق اللبنانية.فلنتحرك، تحركات لامركزية مناطقية على جميع الأراضي اللبنانية.١- رفضاً للضرائب الجائرة!٢- رفضاً للسياسات الاقتصادية الظالمة!٣- رفضاً لسياسة المحاصصة والفساد في كل شيء! #فلنتحرّك من أجل العدالة الاقتصادية والكرامة الإنسانية.

Posted by ‎طلعت ريحتكم‎ on Thursday, October 17, 2019
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WE SAID THIS: Pray for Lebanon!

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