Bravado; The New Community Platform for Sales Professionals

As a sales professional, you get caught up in so many different ideas and sometimes fear getting lost in the midst of everything. Yet your main aim is to connect and diverse. Bravado is the first community platform exclusively for sales professionals. It invites all those who are passionate in what they do especially in sales. Bravado offers online tools and craft in-person events that help members heighten their voices, build their personal brands, connect with other sales professionals, and escalate in their own jobs, as most sales professionals got tired of the clichés and all conversation around their sales profession. So why not try out something new, that might add up and help you elevate in your profession.

The ideology behind Bravado is to create a diverse network, curious, and insightful as the best salespeople we know. Members vary from more than 1000 organizations around the world including most popular sales teams such as Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Amazon and their challengers. This platform has many different people in it varying from influencers, founders, and others. The one thing they have in common? They’re as passionate as we are about demolishing the stigmas surrounding the sales profession. Now what are you waiting for check them out on LinkedIn and create your own account through their sign up link!

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