Bisat: A Riyadh-Based Startup Working to Keep the Craft of Traditional Handmade Carpets Alive

Woven rugs have long been a mirror of the eras, cultures, and traditions of any given country. Rug weaving is considered to be one of the finest forms of arts especially for the Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula and it continues to be to this day a crucial element in the world of Arabian carpets in general. Today we’re going to shed light on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its beautiful traditional handmade carpets, known as Bisat, that show how brilliant its people are in defining the formal cultural influence over the ages as well as its impact on the development of arts in many areas.

Bisat is a Riyadh-Based startup that is working to keep Saudi’s traditional handmade carpets alive. From handwoven rugs, pillows, and different accessories, you’ll for sure be surprised by how beautiful the colors and designs are.

WE SAID THIS: Incredible work!