Best Recommendations on Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Via Sixty and Me

By Iveta Born

As we age, we tend to change many things, and that includes our clothes and hairstyles. That is expected and normal since keeping the same looks for years can get quite boring. That brings us to our point; age doesn’t make women cease being women. The taste of style is something innate for them, and they will keep experimenting with everything new. These short hairstyles for women over 50 give them more comfort since they are low-maintenance and they are not seen as “old woman’s helmet.”

But are there any rules to adhere to when choosing these hairstyles? Well, partly. If you want to look beautiful and modern, comb your manes back to open up your face. Don’t go for more shaggy styles since you may look awkward and sloppy. Another addition to your look is the bangs; they give you a younger look. However, ensure they are always neat and thin. Sweep them to one side so that they don’t cover your forehead completely. Having said that, let’s look at some of the popular options we have for short hairstyles for women over 50.

Blonde Pixie Cut


Pixie haircuts are a common variant for women over 50, thanks to their playful and easy to style aspect. Choppy layers have been and remain to be the best way to enhance texture and depth to the standard cut. Remember that texture is essential to maintaining your look youthful.

Mature Short Layered Haircut

Short hairstyles for women over 50 are an excellent option when you want something that is hassle-free. You will never have to look for those hair bands that seem to always get a lot. Besides, the short hairstyle is sassy and clearly illustrates that the style is critical, regardless of age.

Youthful Pixie Haircut

Sounds ironic? No, it doesn’t. In most times, older women maintain their hair long despite the fact that the length may not look neat. If you are told by your stylist to have a chop, don’t panic or resist. The right pixie cut will not only make you look younger, but you will not have to visit your salon regularly to style your long hair.

Layered Platinum Bob

Short hairstyles for women over 50 can utilize the greying names for their advantage. If you opt for a platinum haircut, the shade correctly masks and spotty grey, so you don’t need to do touch-ups constantly. Include some layers to up the volume. This gives you the desired movement, and you can now wear your feathered hair without fear.

Blonde Pixie and Long Side Bangs


The pixie cut is among the most common short hairstyles for women over 50. The reason is apparent; it enhances texture and tousled finish to the fine hair. If you combine the pixie cut with elongated side bangs and bluntly trimmed layers, you can effortlessly come up with a look that is sassy, chic, youthful, and easy to keep.

Angle Undercut Hairstyle

Older women can sport this traditionally men’s undercut haircut just as fine as any man can. Give it a feminine flair with long, straight top and include a blonde shade with polished highlights. To boost the volume, tell your stylist to add subtle layers.

Long Curly Salt with Pepper Pixie

A pixie cut is the best way to style textured fine hair. If styled in natural salt and pepper shading, curls look bouncy and relaxed. Boost the youthful look by incorporating a long face-framing strand on the front and style the hair with mousse.

Short Voluminous Cut

Feathered haircuts give you soft, out-going looks for short and boring locks. They also enhance depth to your hair while still allowing room for hassle-free maintenance. You only need to apply some smoothing cream on your hair, and you are ready to face the day’s challenge.

Wispy Silver Bob

Though Bob is a popular style, there are myriad ways you can customize it to show your unique personality. Trim the hair at an angle to add some allure. Then choose tousled curls for volume.


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