Viral Visual: Belfie Fever

So belfies are a thing now. Or at least they now have a name.

Jen Selter, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Belfies"
Jen Selter, pseudo-celebrity and self-proclaimed “Butt Selfie Queen”


But honestly, they’ve been around, like, forever (in Internet time).

Lebanese Olympic Skier Jackie Chamoun in 2010
Lebanese Olympic Skier Jackie Chamoun in 2010


We bet Kim K’s been posting butt selfies since MySpace.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Belfie


Rihanna’s always showing off her derriere.

Rihanna Belfie
Rihanna Belfie


And so is Haifa.

Haifa Wehbe Belfie
Haifa Wehbe Belfie


Speaking of product placement, here’s “Twerk Queen” Miley marketing her fourth album.

Miley Cyrus Belfie


Lady Gaga even used a belfie as official artwork for a song.

Lady Gaga Belfie


And here’s Elissa in a behind-the-scenes belfie she posted on Instagram for one of her music videos.

Elissa Belfie
Elissa Belfie


Sofia Vergara got creative with her belfie pose.

Sofia Vergara Belfie
Sofia Vergara Belfie


But no one tops Beyonce’s visual from behind – there’s a reason she’s called Queen Bey. As usual, she’s miles ahead in the belfie game.

Um, this probably technically doesn’t count as a butt selfie, but we just had to include it because dayum.


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