Before the Black Eyed Peas: 6 Showstopping Artists That Rocked the Pyramids

Summer may be over but the good times are definitely not. So put your party hat on, slam on the funkiest outfit you got, and get ready for the Black Eyed Peas concert by the Pyramids at 8 PM on October 2nd! The Grammy-winning funky band will be brought to the Great Pyramids of Giza by Venture Lifestyle, but this isn’t the first time international artists and stars had a gig by the Pyramids in Egypt and performed there. Many artists from various genres throughout the decades have graciously dropped their charm and their rhythmic flow there as well.

Scroll down to find out who we’re talking about, and let’s get it started!

The Black Eyed Peas

The American band was formed in 1995, and boomed in 2003 with their single “Where is the love?” They introduced a new taste to alternative hip-hop and pop music, especially with the addition of Fergie. However, their frontwoman now is J. Rey Soul. To attend their concert on October 2nd, tickets can be bought via Ticket Egypt. There are three tiers: the regular is sold at the price of 800 EGP, the Golden Circle at 1500 EGP, and the VIP is sold for 2500 EGP.

Frank Sinatra

Louis Armstrong

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Mariah Carrey



Yanni Live At The Pyramids: The Dream Concert | KPBS

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers rock Egypt's pyramids

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