Bedouin Bread Is a Must Try for All the Foodies Who Still Haven’t!

Via Bedouin History Desert Safari

Egyptians love food, that’s a fact about us. It’s an integral part of our culture and we’re even very good at embracing it. However, Egyptian food isn’t just all hawawshi, koshari, and fatta. There’s more to it then the common traditional kitchen we all know. In every city or region in the country, there are some specialties. One of our ultimate favorites is Bedouin cuisine, and if you’ve never tried it, then sorry to tell you, but you’re missing out on a lot!

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However, to do it the right way, you need their epic bread to complement their super delicious meals. Bedouins have two kinds of bread that are just out of this world known as Farashee7 and Tabbana. The secret dough recipe is the same for both, however, the process of turning it into bread is different.

Via Bedouin History Desert Safari

Farashee7 is more of a merge between Lebanese bread and crepe. The Bedouin bread maker would usually do some Pizza tossing tricks in the air and then lay the dough on a convex-like pan. As for Tabbana, the dough is much thicker and a bit crunchier. A hole is created in the ground and the circular dough is placed inside with hot burning coal over it to be baked and after a few minutes, you’re good to go!

WE SAID THIS: Now we’re craving Bedouin dinner, tea, and a bonfire in the desert.