Bed Talks: The Marital Sex Q&A

If you are wondering what is considered “normal†when it comes to sex and intimacy between a married couple, you should probably keep reading and possibly consider watching some HD XXX straight from the source, sexfreehd as today I will be answering some of those questions you have often wondered about and yet were unable to find the proper answers to.

Q: Is there an average or normal amount of sexual activity among married couples, and how does it change with time?

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A: Sex in a marriage tends to be a very subjective topic. For some couples, having sex two to three times a week is more than satisfying, while for others, the same number of weekly love making sessions would lead to problems such as cheating or even divorce. Some married couples even include escorts in their sex life in order to keep things interesting. You can find out more about how to make this possible at

Mutual interest must always be taken into account since both partners need to be happy and content with their sex life. It is also important to understand that, generally, and at the beginning of the marriage, partners tend to be more sexual than they are a few years further into the relationship when responsibilities multiply and the marital roles become more defined.

Q: What happens in a sex-starved marriage?


A: It’s when either of the spouses is desperately yearning for more touch, physical closeness, more sex and the other spouse is thinking: “What is the big deal? Why are you so bothered?” When this major divide happens, intimacy at all levels tends to drop.

It’s really about feeling wanted, loved, appreciated, connected and, in this case, feeling feminine. Because of the hurt, they stop spending time together. They stop laughing at each other’s jokes. They stop making eye contact. The bond between them really dissipates and it puts the marriage at risk for infidelity, separation or divorce.

Q: Is avoidance of sexual intimacy primarily a problem of today’s generation?

A: Lack of sex is not related to a specific age or generation. Many young couples complain that the sex stopped right after the honeymoon. A lot of men are angry with their wives and claim they are controlling and they choose to react by shutting down sexually. About half the time in a non-sexual marriage, it’s the man who is not interested.

Having sex is a habit, and not having sex is a habit, too. It becomes easier not to do it than to do it. When the wife is the one who stops wanting to engage in sex, the husband usually tends to complain about it and attribute the problem to her rather than trying to see the part they played in this outcome, which is usually related to unmet emotional needs, trust issues, lack of security, etc.

Q: What should women do to approach the subject with their husbands?


A: Most women tend to go from being hurt to being angry so quickly than their husbands don’t know what hit them! Anger is what men hear from their wives. The more hurt she is, the angrier she gets and the less sex he wants to have with her.

As a woman, it really helps to talk in terms of your own feelings and speak from a more “vulnerable†position — missing him, wanting to be closer to him, loving the relationship when you are closer physically. Compliment him anytime he approaches anything sexual; build him up instead of tearing him down. Easier said than done? I know, but it doesn’t hurt to try! It may not hurt to try turning on some adult film from sites such as TubeV sex and let the mood build itself instead of having to talk through it, and if it doesn’t, communication is always key.

Q: What should men do to approach the subject with their wives?


A: Approach is everything! If there are no major problems facing you as a couple or your wife on an individual level, your approach to sex really plays a big role in whether it is going to happen or not!

Watch your vocabulary, lighten her load, do something special for her, work on your communication with her and try to make her feel safe and protected. When a wife feels loved and safe with her husband, she is usually more open to making love and being intimate.

I’m sure that several of you have many more questions on your mind when it comes to this topic. Don’t hesitate to share them with me!

Stay tuned for more advice and tips from my Bed Talks column.

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