Beaching in The Middle East? Here are 11 Easy-to-Pack Snacks and Drinks

Photo Taken In Odessa, Ukraine

It’s the time of the year, with people cooling off from the scorching summer heat at the beach, and with it comes the need to pack for refreshing, easily carried light foods and drinks to keep you hydrated and silence your stomach sounds like an effect of the post-swimming munchies. It just feels like all your body is made of a stomach, a very empty one, right? That’s why we should never take the process of filling our coolers lightly; that’s why we’ve made a wisely curated list of foods and beverages that would keep us fulfilled when we develop this ravenous appetite by the beach.  


A mouthwatering tortilla with a filling of your own choice is one of the most suitable food options, easy to eat in bites. A well-wrapped sandwich filled with cold cuts or chicken is just perfect enough to fill your hunger with as little sand in your mouth as possible, thanks to its protective outer layer. You can also wrap them in foil as an extra precaution.


You sure want a Sahel beach body without depriving yourself of a refreshing snack, that’s when salads come into play. A salad enriched with fresh veggies and cheese is always at your service! 

Frozen yogurt and popsicles 

Beach time can never go right without an ice-cold popsicle in your hands. And for those who want a healthier choice, freezing a flavored appetizing yogurt is always an option you can always consider.

Fruit salads

Bringing up the healthy food issue, a rainbow mix of your favorite fruits are bound to serve as an excellent hydrating snack. Apples and grapes in precise have a fewer cut surface that would lessen the possibility of them sticking to the sand. That’s why tutti fruity is just a picnic standby!

Shredded chicken 

Chicken cut in pieces will give you the leverage of having a delish protein snack all while packing lightly. 

Brownies/ chocolate chips

Dessert time is our favorite and so are those yum-yum chocolate-flavored homemade cookies that are always a winner dessert option at the beach, without you worrying it melting.

Pretzel rods

In case you’re craving a savory snack while being tight in time, pretzel will come to save the day giving you a hearty snack with zero prep! 

Cold pasta salads

This snack sure includes two of our favorites, salads, and pasta! A cold pasta topped with fresh healthy veggies will just fit the bill.

Protein bars

While applying your sunscreen for the evening after spending the whole day tanning, you can always eat those scrummy protein enriched bars, one-handed! Chocolate protein bars can always work nicely satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Iced Tea 

Since tea is a daily need, and cold slashes are a beach need, an iced tea in a heat preserving cup is just the perfect drink to be taking with you to the beach.  

Pineapple Mint Colada

Pouring a cold crushed cocktail slush of pineapple and mint and sipping it on the Surfside is all one can hope for during the hot beach days!  

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