Is Bassel El-Khayat Trying Too Hard to Be the Egyptian Joker?


Two years ago, actor Bassel El-Khayat won my heart as he played the villain in Taree’i. This year, however, I’m quite skeptical about his performance in Talateen Yoom.


Is he trying too hard to be the Egyptian joker this Ramadan? Here are five moments where El-Khayat made me feel awkward.



“I laaaahv jaaa3z music” 



What’s with the fake accent? The scene where his mosalsal counterpart called Asser Yassin’s character to ask him to kill his wife because she doesn’t like Jaaa3z music was ugh. Why, just why? If anything, it felt too much.



When he did that awkward hop while walking



Who does that while walking down the streets of Cairo. You aren’t Charley Chaplin, stop!



When he was having a conversation at the bar and said “Eh? El3ab ballet”



Nope. Just nope!



When he kept on using the word “Music” instead of “Mazzika” in an Arabic conversation



I get it, you speak English, but nope!



When he got overly upset with the bartender for wearing a tie and almost killed him for it 



Cravatttt! Labes cravat?” Since when did ties trigger anger management problems. Oh, and why did he sing “Mama zamanha gaya” while walking out of the room.



WE SAID THIS: I do hope that his performance in the rest of the episodes gets less Joker-y because El-Khayat is a phenomenal actor, and can do so much better than this.