Barcelona Activities: Charming Getaways

When we think of Barcelona, we think of its architecture, of its Romantic movement which defined both the cultural value as well as the artistic product of Romanticism. This movement allowed us to see the continued growth of the Modern Movement in architecture and how this consolidation of modern culture that enters through a whole complex structure of the Catalan society. Barcelona is a city that combines everything that is charming about Mediterranean cities. The city offers a relaxed pace, endless sunshine, amazing food and cultural design clout of almost any city that stands in the cold north.

Coming back to the city’s architecture, you can find a patchwork of styles that display dark, Gothic facades next to the harlequin buildings of Modernistas. Besides this romantic-like design, the city also has skyline-piecing constructions done by the popular French architect Jean Nouvel. A day spent in Barcelona is a day admiring the buildings, going to a walk during sunset on one of the city’s many beaches and serving a great dinner at any of Michelin-starred gastronomic temples. Below we can find one of the many activities that can be enjoyed while discovering Barcelona.

Ancient Baths – Aire Barcelona

Everyone is in love with the idea of going to the spa, but have you tried a night spa? Aire Barcelona Spa is the perfect place to try this nightly experience. Let’s not forget that this place is actually ancient, let’s say medieval ancient. My personal opinion? It feels like those Ancient Rome Spas which were very popular at that time, however, Aire Barcelona has let’s say rebranded this place with modern and illuminated pools. You can go to the sauna, swim in a saltwater pool and relax with massage sessions. It is ideal to arrive at midnight. You can stay for an hour and a half, and the spa has a capacity of 20 people.

True Italian Cuisine

When it comes to Europe, you can’t get enough of Italy. Those who are unfamiliar with the old continent will think that in order to enjoy some Italian quality, you need to visit Italy. Well to Europeans, the Italian itinerary is found everywhere, even in Barcelona. In this Catalan city, we will discover “Le Cucine Mandarosso” which is a very popular restaurant. It is a small place but it does the true justice of Italian cuisine. The decor is charming and genuine, so there is a high chance that it will bring a smile on your face. A good note worth remembering is that all staff speak English, and the premises are small. The decorations made from the noodles, the specific Italian interior and the diffused light enhance the charm and comfort of the dinner taken in this interesting place.

The Medieval Trail of El Gótico

Narrow streets, small restaurants and cafes, illuminated bars, art galleries and the sound of the sea will make you forget how long you have been walking through El Gótico. The Gothic Quarter is the historic center of Barcelona and it stretches from La Rambla to Via Laietana, and from Ronda de Sant Pere to the Mediterranean seafront. The quarter is part of the Ciutat Vella district. Leave your watches at the hotel and wander at will, where you can enjoy an ice cream or smoothie on the trail of the oldest parts of Barcelona. Here you cannot miss the remains of the city’s Roman wall and several notable medieval landmarks.

The Gaming Centre of Casino Barcelona

At the heart of the Olympic Port lies a world of entertainment that combines gastronomy, live music, performance shows and varied range of casino gaming offers a truly wonderful evening. This entertainment venue is found right next to the beaches washed by the Mediterranean and just 15 minutes from the center of Barcelona.

The main gaming interest of this venue is without a doubt, poker. The varied offer of poker tournaments is what made Casino Barcelona one of Europe’s biggest venues. Here, tournaments are held for all kinds of publics and every level is welcome. Usually, the poker tournaments start with weekly proposals, on Monday at 7 PM, where poker enthusiasts can register at the Catalunya Poker Tour. Another original poker initiative of the casino is Poker & Champions where forces of the casino and football join together on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, where matches with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are broadcasted on a big screen.

In addition, every Thursday visitors will see the DJ Poker & Music Tournament, where at 8 PM poker demonstration starts and they are combined with electronic music, Deep House, Balearic Sounds and Electro Beats. But this is not all, because in the middle of the week the Catalunya Poker Tour starts, which is a regional championship that is held on the second Friday of each month. Besides the weekly tournaments cycle, there is also a Weekend Poker Tournament, two Texas Hold’em No Limit tournaments which are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The poker offer is completed by the most important national and international competitions on the circuit, The Spanish Championship, the World Poker Tour, the European Poker Tour and the World Heads Up Poker Championship Barcelona are just one of the greatest tournaments hosted by the casino. Besides poker, the casino also has a varied and innovative range of slot machines with games similar to Book of Ra 10, gaming tables that include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, la boule and traditional dice games.        

Incredible Bird-Eye View

Anyone who is looking to get an amazing view of Barcelona will discover that the hilltop ruins of the Bunkers del Carmel offer that kind of panorama. Originally, the Bunker del Carmel was built to be an anti-aircraft fortification in 1938. During the Spanish Civil War the bunker atop the hill of Turo de la Rovira helped the fighters to survey the entire city. After the war, the bunkers were left to crumble, however, in 2000, the popularity of the site grew. The bunkers received a renovation and made it more appealing for tourists as well as the locals. Now, the formerly secret site receives regular visitors and in 2015 the site received further restorations. For sunrise lovers, this place is more pleasant during the mornings, because it is less crowded.

Last Words

Barcelona is an amazing city where you can learn the history of the city through the Gothic architecture and having a list of activities will help you gain more experience about the place.

All in all, Barcelona is a wonderful city where you can lose yourself in its peerless history, ranging from the dauntless Gothic architecture, the sunny beaches and the local attractions, you would hardly need a guide to find something new and refreshing. But don’t just take our word for it, if you would wish to spend a weekend in Barcelona you will be mesmerized by its beauty merely walking through the city and it’s districts, enjoying it’s culinary offerings, sipping a cup of coffee at the Hidden Cafe or simply taking some time for yourselves at a delightful spa.

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